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These photos were all taken by David Preston, unless otherwise noted.

Show us your papers!

September 17, 2021 Reader: This is a COVID testing station at Seattle’s Alki Beach. It’s been there a couple months, one of several that have popped up around town during the pandemic. Yesterday the King County Health Department decreed people … Continue reading

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If you see something, trash something.

October 10, 2016 IRONY ALERT! This ad on a Seattle bus tells people to call in if they see trash dumped on the street or sidewalk. I’ve called the number myself, many times; however, the trash I called in about wasn’t taken … Continue reading

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Tell the whole story please, Mr. B

September 5, 2016 On August 24, the Seattle Times ran a piece by columnist Daniel Beekman about the struggle between Mayor Murray and the city council over homeless folks collecting in hot spots around the city. In this post, I look at one … Continue reading

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It takes a trash-heap to make a Village

March 25, 2016 A homeless man rummages through trash in an alley behind Seattle’s newest “sanctioned” homeless camp, Othello Village. The camp is run jointly by Seattle’s Human Services Department and the Low Income Housing Institute, a local non-profit group that oversees two … Continue reading

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Duwamish River Dredging

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) sent out a letter to my neighborhood in November 2014 (see below.) The letter notifies people living around the Duwamish River about EPA-sponsored clean-up work on the river. According to a City of Seattle Web page, the … Continue reading

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Drug Buy at 3rd and Pike in Seattle (10/18/14)

Heroin –Great for Tourism –Great for the Locals –Everybody Wins! Heroin’s already cheap as dirt in Seattle. Now all they’ve gotta do is make it legal, just like marijuana. Well, City Council? We’re waiting!

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Angry Irish Bum Tours

Downtown Seattle Saturday, September 6, 2014 This picturesque tableaux was discovered around 1st and Seneca, just a block from the Seattle Art Museum and Benaroya Hall, two world-class cultural amenities. It’s not uncommon to see crud like this around on … Continue reading

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$64,000 (and counting) To Keep Out Nickelsville Refugees!

In earlier posts, I told you how the City of Seattle has had to shell out for a series of post-Nickelsville clean-up operations at Myers Way South, a mile up the road from where the original Nickelsville camp was, before … Continue reading

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ppl (12.18.13)

ppl is an ongoing series of posts about the post-Nickelsville clean-up. Nickelsville is an illegal squatters camp –now three separate camps – that was evicted from the Highland Park neighborhood of West Seattle in early September, 2013. See the previous entry … Continue reading

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Nickelsville: D-Day + 1

Here are more post-Nickelsville photos sent in by TBQ readers. These were taken by different people who visited the camp on September 2, two days after all the structures were supposed to have been removed and the whole site was … Continue reading

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End of the Line

An anonymous reader sent me some photos yesterday. They show that people are still camping out in the Hamm Creek Watershed greenbelt, despite the City’s swanky new “No Trespassing” signs, which I talked about in an earlier “Nickelsville” essay. I … Continue reading

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