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Social Justice Hypocrite

SJWs would be harmless, amusing even, if they weren’t so vicious. And so powerful. Here in Seattle, they effectively control the mayor’s office and eight of nine city council seats, through their influence on local opinion makers, political machines, and … Continue reading

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Taking Care of (Homeless) Business

Campaign finance laws and the Homeless Industrial Complex  January 12, 2017  Seattle perceives itself as a national leader in the effort to get money out of politics. Initiative 122, approved by voters in 2015, tried to attack the problem in … Continue reading

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Democracy Slouchers ~ Part 1: “Honest” Elections

July 4, 2017 ~ I-122, the “Honest Elections” initiative (aka the Democracy Voucher Program) was supposed to get money and corporate influence out of Seattle politics. It looked great on paper. The PROBLEM: “Wealthy special interests have too much power in … Continue reading

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C is for Vengeance: A blogger and politician team up to punish critics

December 21, 2016 Have you ever written an angry letter or e-mail to a government official? Most of us have at one time or other. God knows I have. But did you ever think, when you dropped that letter in … Continue reading

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Jungle Boogie

February 26, 2016 The Jungle is the unofficial name for a greenbelt that runs spottily for a few miles along Interstate 5 as it exits downtown Seattle headed south. The area has hosted scattered settlements of homeless people for decades. … Continue reading

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Gun Control, Seattle Style (Part 1)

February 12, 2016 The gun debate evokes strong feelings, but regardless of which side you fall on, I think we can all agree that any law or program designed to curb gun violence should be evidence-based. In other words, it … Continue reading

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Democracy is . . .

 . . . thinking for yourself You know, I’ve always thought it odd that newspapers would try and tell Americans how to vote. And I’ve always thought it even odder that voters would actually do what the newspapers tell them … Continue reading

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Drug Buy at 3rd and Pike in Seattle (10/18/14)

Heroin –Great for Tourism –Great for the Locals –Everybody Wins! Heroin’s already cheap as dirt in Seattle. Now all they’ve gotta do is make it legal, just like marijuana. Well, City Council? We’re waiting!

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Kshama Sawant: Super Genius

Here’s a genuine quote from Ms. Sawant. I know it’s authentic because I got it from the Facebook page of one of her fans. Besides that, it just sounds like her: “You know that your poverty is not a result … Continue reading

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