He was taking a shit right in front of them

August 20, 2021

Reader: Not to add more fuel to the downtown inferno, but this picture was sent to me by two out-of-state attorneys who came to meet with me and other clients last week. As they left their hotel to grab a morning coffee, this guy was taking a shit right in front of them.

When they first told me they were coming to town, I said “You’re not gonna stay downtown, I hope. Because it’s a shithole. Find someplace else.” But they said they already had reservations.

They invited us out to dinner, and we told them to pick a restaurant that wasn’t anywhere near downtown. That’s still more business lost for downtown hotels and restaurants, all because of the city council’s policies that enable this kind of behavior.

They’ll probably stay in Bellevue in the future. Anywhere but here.

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