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Taking Back Harm Reduction

By David Prestonfor Emmaline Many of us in recovery say “I’m so glad I’m not trying to get sober now, I’d be dead if I was out there.” –Ann, a recovered addict and addiction treatment counselor..Heroin saved my life. –Shilo … Continue reading

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Green Lake Treasure Hunt

Seattle’s Green Lake Park boasts everything the modern family could want in an urban recreational opportunity. Campsites galore… First aid stations throughout the park… Handy ID bracelets for visitors… And an online database to keep track of campers’ itineraries… A … Continue reading

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They’ve nodded off

At 2 pm, they were still out. I came by and shouted at them to see if they were OK. The guy in the plaid shirt opened his eyes, told me to fuck off, then nodded back off. I walked … Continue reading

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Drug Buy at 3rd and Pike in Seattle (10/18/14)

Heroin –Great for Tourism –Great for the Locals –Everybody Wins! Heroin’s already cheap as dirt in Seattle. Now all they’ve gotta do is make it legal, just like marijuana. Well, City Council? We’re waiting!

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