He kept trying to pay her for who knows what

August 25, 2021

Reader: Here’s a picture I took in Pioneer Square of a gal with her pants down trying to recycle her feces while a homeless-looking guy on a bike [obscured by the utility pole in this shot] kept opening his wallet trying to pay her for who knows what.

David: This might sound like an odd question, but how do you know she was pooping?

Reader: An odd question for an odd situation. I don’t know it for a fact, but at one point I saw her goodies and she kept moving and adjusting her sitting position, in between yelling and twitching at the guy who kept opening his wallet.

This content originated from the Safe Seattle user community on Facebook,
but we can’t post it there because it might violate Facebook’s “community standards”
and cause the Safe Seattle page to be unpublished.

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1 Response to He kept trying to pay her for who knows what

  1. Carl Eastvold says:

    Went to school in Seattle 71-73. It was, for many years, my favorite larger city – so clean!

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