You can’t go home again

This was my first time in downtown in Seattle in over a year. Sadly, nothing has changed. The smell of urine and garbage is overwhelming. It’s a cesspool.

One guy said, “Give me twenty bucks and I’ll quit harassing you.”

I said, “Fuck off!” And he did.

(I had my pepper spray out and visible, so that might have helped to persuade him.)

Ghostly. That about sums it up.

Got a shopping list? I’m sure she has everything you need…

Here we are at the waterfront…

Maybe you just need a place to catch some zzzz’s…

And now… back to Pioneer Square.

I’m done. Sick to my stomach. The smell of urine and feces is beyond imaginable. Who in their right mind would go downtown now? It’s a cesspool.

This was a big mistake. I went for an event at Lumen Field and had to go through all this to get there. It’s just not worth it. Mayor Jenny Durkan is living in a dream world.

-Lake City Laura

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3 Responses to You can’t go home again

  1. B. Rowan says:

    The City Council is also living in a delusional world. Glad Durkan is leaving and she’s also leaving a mess. I’m not sure what planet these folks are on but hopefully there will be the backlash that many of us have hoped for.

  2. Jennifer says:

    So sad. I love Seattle. Such a beautiful city.

  3. Eugenia V Keyser says:

    Good to know you are there, dear DP. What a difficult times we are living.

    Yes, I do want to know about you and what you think.
    Thank you for this piece on Seattle downtown- my son told us about the
    sitiation because he had worked at YMCA there. It is worse than it looks.

    But wait. Our lovely country also is having this problem. Santiago, certain
    places is impossible to go.It is danger. Is this a global.

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