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He was taking a shit right in front of them

August 20, 2021 Reader: Not to add more fuel to the downtown inferno, but this picture was sent to me by two out-of-state attorneys who came to meet with me and other clients last week. As they left their hotel … Continue reading

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You can’t go home again

This was my first time in downtown in Seattle in over a year. Sadly, nothing has changed. The smell of urine and garbage is overwhelming. It’s a cesspool. Ghostly. That about sums it up. Got a shopping list? I’m sure … Continue reading

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Anything helps. Or does it?

February 20, 2017 This snapshot of a Seattle panhandler was sent to me by a reader who inferred that because the woman was sitting in a comfortable chair sipping a pricey coffee, with a dog and a cushion, she’s not … Continue reading

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Grannie Makes Bank Selling Warm Fuzzies

Now I’m not claiming that this lady is typical of panhandlers in terms of her life situation. In fact, most panhandlers I see in Seattle are scruffy, and they DON’T drive nice cars. Most are mentally ill and drug addicted … Continue reading

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Nickelsville: The Gift That Keeps on Taking

July 8, 2013 People who support the idea of permanent homeless camps are fond of saying that homelessness is an economic problem and that the camps are one way of addressing that problem. It’s not hard to refute that claim. Consider this … Continue reading

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