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Taking Care of (Homeless) Business

Campaign finance laws and the Homeless Industrial Complex  January 12, 2017  Seattle perceives itself as a national leader in the effort to get money out of politics. Initiative 122, approved by voters in 2015, tried to attack the problem in … Continue reading

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$64,000 (and counting) To Keep Out Nickelsville Refugees!

In earlier posts, I told you how the City of Seattle has had to shell out for a series of post-Nickelsville clean-up operations at Myers Way South, a mile up the road from where the original Nickelsville camp was, before … Continue reading

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ppl (12.3.13)

(“ppl”  is an ongoing series of posts about the post-Nickelsville clean-up. Nickelsville is an illegal squatters camp –now three separate camps – that was evicted from the Highland Park neighborhood of West Seattle in early September, 2013. See previous entries … Continue reading

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