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Encampment Complaints: A suspicious pattern

March 23, 2017 The document in the link below was produced by Seattle’s Customer Service Bureau (CSB) in response to a public disclosure request from Safe Seattle. The document shows how many citizen complaints the City got in a six-week … Continue reading

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Tunnel? What Tunnel?

October 28, 2016 A friend whom I’ll call Sally is into good government. Like me, Sally is bafffled by the unending Tragedy of Errors that is Seattle’s Deep Bore Tunnel (aka the Alaskan Way Replacement Project). Sally recently sent a … Continue reading

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If you see something, trash something.

October 10, 2016 IRONY ALERT! This ad on a Seattle bus tells people to call in if they see trash dumped on the street or sidewalk. I’ve called the number myself, many times; however, the trash I called in about wasn’t taken … Continue reading

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Cleaning Up Puget Sound, One Rainstorm at a Time

Dedicated to Quannah Santiago . . . The Murray CSO Storage Tank project will protect sea life in Puget Sound by containing sewage overflows that happen after large rainstorms. Seattle’s sewer system was built over a hundred years ago. Under … Continue reading

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Seattle: The Entitlement City™

Below is a copy of an e-mail cc’d to me by a friend. It’s a complaint he’s making to Sound Transit, the commuter bus service that runs between Seattle and several of the surrounding cities . . . I’ve included … Continue reading

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