Nickelsville: D-Day + 1

Here are more post-Nickelsville photos sent in by TBQ readers. These were taken by different people who visited the camp on September 2, two days after all the structures were supposed to have been removed and the whole site was supposed to have been cleaned up:

This photo shows someone schlepping their stuff up Highland Park Hill. Odds are this person is leaving the old Nickelsville and planning on just hanging out in the greenbelt. In other words, he won’t be relocating to any of the new Nickelsvilles.

These last two photos were taken the previous day, September 1st. I’m including them for the sake of contrast. Or perhaps irony.

These flyers demonstrate yet again the contrast between what Nickelodeons say they will do (“We’ll get the camp cleaned out by September 1st.”) and what they actually do (leave a huge mess for someone else to clean up.)

These people — by whom I mean the people running Nickelsville — steal our money, break our laws, and lie in our faces. Can someone please explain to be me why we continue to let them fuck us over?

“I work with homeless people.” –Oh. is that all you have to say to get away with murder in this town? Guess so.

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