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Monsters and clowns from the Id

The New Witch Hunters

September 28, 2017  In the 1950s, Senator Joe McCarthy’s “House Un-American Activities Committee” hung like a noose around the liberal establishment’s neck, ready to draw tight at a witness’s refusal to name his associates in the Communist Party. Initially McCarthy went … Continue reading

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The Margin Dwellers

April 4, 2017 A word of advice to aspiring reporters: Don’t ever volunteer for the poverty beat. It’ll tear the heart out of you. Meet Jennifer Allison (on the left). She’s the manager at the Georgian Motel on Aurora Ave N. … Continue reading

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The Thin Veneer

March 13, 2017 In my time, I’ve been in some pretty bad places. Figuratively and literally. I was raised in an affluent home, but as a young man, I traveled to an embattled Third World country because I wanted to … Continue reading

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Childhood’s End: Rape at a homeless camp

November 3, 2016 Warning: Disturbing content. Narrative In late 2012, a just-turned-16-year-old girl whom I’ll call Angel was staying at the Nickelsville homeless camp in Seattle’s Highland Park neighborhood, along with her mother and two younger siblings. One evening, she … Continue reading

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Behind the Wheel at Uber: A Driver’s Eye View of Ride Sharing

Below is a written interview I did with my Facebook friend Mark Wandrey in September 2015. Mark and his wife recently started earning some extra cash as Uber drivers. The following biography was provided by him. Located in rural Tennessee, Mark Wandrey has … Continue reading

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Cleaning Up Puget Sound, One Rainstorm at a Time

Dedicated to Quannah Santiago . . . The Murray CSO Storage Tank project will protect sea life in Puget Sound by containing sewage overflows that happen after large rainstorms. Seattle’s sewer system was built over a hundred years ago. Under … Continue reading

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Nickelsville: The Gift That Keeps on Taking

July 8, 2013 People who support the idea of permanent homeless camps are fond of saying that homelessness is an economic problem and that the camps are one way of addressing that problem. It’s not hard to refute that claim. Consider this … Continue reading

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