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Posts that have been banned or likely would be banned on Facebook.

They’ve nodded off

At 2 pm, they were still out. I came by and shouted at them to see if they were OK. The guy in the plaid shirt opened his eyes, told me to fuck off, then nodded back off. I walked … Continue reading

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Tales of the Resistance

Reader: I’m sending you before and after pictures of some recent work. As individual citizens, we have to do something to counter the rampant propaganda from leftist agitators! My personal focus is exposing so-called social justice groups for the cash … Continue reading

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“This breaks my heart and infuriates me.”

This drama unfolded last week at an ARCO gas station in Seattle’s SODO district, less than half a mile from two major league sports stadiums and in full view of people walking and driving by.  Scenes like this are now … Continue reading

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Mirror Mirror

Reader: I watched a guy shooting up into his neck today, using a Bank of America window as his mirror. This is at 5th and Olive in downtown Seattle. I feel like it says so much about the sad state … Continue reading

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Here come da judge

Accused dog killers shouldn’t be tried in the press for the same reason accused cops shouldn’t be. This post isn’t about an accused dog killer, though. It’s about a King County judge who ignored prosecutors’ requests and also probable cause … Continue reading

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Everyday Tragedy

This is the uncensored version of a post appearing on the Safe Seattle Facebook page for this date. Reader: I’m an 11-year resident of this city, and sadly I see this literally every day getting to and from my bus … Continue reading

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Do you think she’s in danger?

May 17, 2021 ~ The following post was removed by Facebook from the Safe Seattle page for allegedly violating the platform’s community standards about sexual exploitation. Even though the pictures were blurred and no locations were mentioned. The story is … Continue reading

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