Grannie Makes Bank Selling Warm Fuzzies

Now I’m not claiming that this lady is typical of panhandlers in terms of her life situation. In fact, most panhandlers I see in Seattle are scruffy, and they DON’T drive nice cars. Most are mentally ill and drug addicted and are either homeless or just barely off the street. In other words, they’re ’bout as different from Grannie here as they could be.

There’s something the scruffy guys do have in common with Grannie though, and that’s that they’re both perpetrating a fraud. They are both leading their kind-hearted but naive benefactors into thinking that she’ll be using the money to pull themselves out of a rut. In Grannie’s case, she won’t be doing that because she’s not IN a rut. But even if she were, it’s highly unlikely that she’d be getting out of it through panhandling. Of all the panhandlers I’ve known, not one has ever improved his or her long-term condition as a result of panhandling. To the extent that panhandling did anything at all for them, it kept them down.

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