Community Leaders Support Sawant Recall

November 23, 2021
CONTACT: Henry Bridger II


SEATTLE, WA – Today, Seattle city leaders representing multiple faiths and backgrounds are releasing a statement in support of the Recall Sawant campaign.

This unprecedented act from such a large & diverse group reflects a great concern about the illegal actions of Councilmember Sawant and her inability to truly serve the people of District 3. From her damaging rhetoric to ignoring a public safety crisis, Sawant has shown she is not fit to serve as a councilmember in our city.

Joint Statement from the Jewish, Black, and Asian Communities

“Justice, justice you shall pursue” – Deuteronomy 16:20

Religious and community leaders from across Seattle today joined together in support of the Recall Sawant campaign, issuing the following statement:

Today, we want to make something emphatically clear: Councilmember Kshama Sawant does not speak for us, nor our communities. Only we can do that, and only we should do that. In making this statement, we encourage District 3 voters to support the Recall of Councilmember Kshama Sawant.

We have not come to this recommendation lightly. We practice and teach acceptance and forgiveness. But District 3 voters ought to be aware of Sawant’s long history of attacking our communities and hi-jacking our efforts.

Sawant regularly trades in rhetoric that gives rise to antisemitism, resulting in violence and hatred directed at the Jewish community. She has also stoked chaos in the black community and sought to hijack the efforts of Black Lives Matter organizers to promote her own political agenda. These behaviors have been well documented by news coverage and amount to a record that we simply cannot condone or support. Kshama Sawant has consistently sought to exploit and politicize the painful circumstances of our communities for her own personal gain. These craven behaviors do nothing more than to further divide us as people and contribute to the incitement and spreading of hate.

The Seattle Asian community has repeatedly attempted to bring concerns to Councilmember Sawant regarding the loss of vibrancy in the International District resulting from the cities lax attitude toward crime in the district. Sawant refuses to advocate for the Asian community because she falsely equates crime with poverty and exploits our problems for political gain. Small businesses are still recovering from damage sustained during riots where so many businesses experienced violent property damage and looting – much of which she encouraged. Sawant appropriates the cultural identity of the Asian community for political gain and gamesmanship – but turns her back on the community’s needs. That is why we support the recall of Kshama Sawant.

Our communities support the recall of Kshama Sawant because she admitted to guilt in using city resources to support a ballot initiative and failed to comply with public disclosure requirement related to this support; she disobeyed state orders related to Covid 19 by admitting hundreds of people into City Hall on June 9th of 2020 when it was closed, endangering public workers; and, she led a protest to Mayor Jenny Durkan’s, the location which Sawant knows is protected under state confidentiality laws.

As the Seattle Times recently said in their endorsement of the Recall – “Voters should hold Sawant accountable for transgressions against civil governance and remove her from office.” These are not characteristics of those who should be trusted to lead our people, and why we cannot support Sawant remaining in office.

(See full document with signatures below)


At your service,
Henry Bridger II
Campaign Manager & Chair
Recall Sawant Campaign

Photo: King 5 News



This material was not part of the above Press Release but relates to it. 

This video was shot at Kshama Sawant’s city hall demonstration of June 9, 2020. Sawant was trying to use the meeting to wrest leadership of the BLM movement from black people, but this speaker calls her out for that and asks her to stop.

Credit: Jake Goldstein-Street

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3 Responses to Community Leaders Support Sawant Recall

  1. Shat Fuqkoff says:

    “community leaders”

    (A bunch of property developers and people who don’t live in Seattle)

  2. James Key says:

    Given the choice between dozens of individuals who who sign their actually names onto a letter listing their legitimate concerns vs. a BS false hyperbole from someone who hides behind the childish screen name of “Shat Fuqkoff” (oooh so witty), I think I will go with the grown ups who sign their names and provide intelligent comments.

  3. Enrico DePaul says:

    at the present time as a former houseless individual I feel that I need every and any alley I can find in this city we seem to be very much Ally less a vast majority of the city seems to be the axis if you will and unfortunately it seems to be getting worse we have been blamed for everything from covid-19 to the problem with the economy in the downtown if anybody wants to tell me that those businesses were ever going to reopen on plans scheduling or whatever they wanted to call it they’re full of malarkey first off second off vis-a-vis salon everybody was going after her from the get-go she won one election she won our elections fair and square and they never liked it I don’t know why they seem to have to have the unanimous decision all the time but it seems that the powers that be just absolutely cannot live with the fact that they are already with just winning almost every single time that they’re argued with so there’s that and the money is on their side as well so keep up the good work guys and God bless let’s stop worrying about who’s pseudonym is what peace out

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