Preventable Tragedies

Updated September 25, 2018 ~ This is a list of recent (last 5 years) deaths and injuries that can be reasonably attributed to the inaction of the Seattle City Council on the homelessness crisis. The victims include both housed and unhoused people.

The current casualty count is 57.

If Seattle made a sincere effort to get everyone who’s living outdoors into indoor shelters and treatment programs, this list would undoubtedly be much shorter. But the government is not doing that, and so people are continuing to die. Homeless camps, whether “sanctioned” or otherwise, are not the answer. The answer is getting people into shelters, and moving them from there into permanent housing. I will be presenting this document to the City Council and other City officials as the opportunity permits. I welcome you to send it to them as well.

The document is several pages long. You can also download it here.

Preventable Tragedies

–David Preston

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  1. JoAnne Butzerin says:

    Nice blog post.
    You should get a Patreon creator account.

  2. Erika says:

    The case didn’t get any media attention, but there was another incident last summer where a woman living in one of the homeless encampments in SODO set her boyfriend on fire.

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