ppl (10.27.13)

This post is part of series dedicated to an avid TBQ’er who likes to text me with photos of ex-Nickelsvillains he sees roaming the highways and byways of Highland Park, long after Nickelsville itself has moved on. I’m naming the project “ppl” after the texting/twitter abbreviation for “people.” See the previous post in this series here.

These shots are from the greenbelt off Myers Way, an environmentally sensitive area with a salmon stream that empties into the Duwamish River. In the past 20 years, the City and private donors have spent tens of thousands of dollars rehabilitating the area, and volunteers have put in hundreds of hours doing clean-ups. Now, thanks to Nickelsville and the laws-don’t-apply-to-homeless-people tone set by Peggy Hotes and Scott Morrow, all that good work is in danger.

In publishing these photos, I’m sending a message to City Hall and to all right-thinking Seattle-ites who claim to care for the environment. The choice is yours:

You can love the Earth or you can love outlaws like Scott Morrow and Peggy Hotes

But you can’t love both.


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