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Why We Need to Recall Mike O’Brien

O’Brien is¬†disconnected. Disconnected from citizens. Disconnected from businesses. Disconnected from neighborhoods all over the city. And his own constituents in particular. He doesn’t answer e-mails except to send form letters. He’s a divisive force, arrogantly calling his own constituents NIMBYs and pearl-clutchers when they criticize his radical, failed policies.¬†


O’Brien plays favorites. O’Brien gives paid activists free run of City Hall. (Teamsters trying to kill Uber, SHARE stooges grifting for tax money, Lisa Daugaard pushing heroin injection sites.) If you’re a regular constituent who just wants an hour of face time with your CM, you can forget about it.


O’Brien is anti-cop, anti-law and order. He actively intervenes to keep cops from doing their job protecting us and then pretends that there’s a problem with police brutality, when there isn’t. He actually protects squatter camps in residential neighborhoods. Practically helps the squatters move in.


O’Brien is anti-business. Keeps raising taxes with no accountability. Doesn’t differentiate between big businesses and medium-to-small ones. Puts bike paths over maritime industry. Doesn’t give a care that whole industries are leaving the city because of his policies.


O’Brien’s just not doing the job. He’s not looking out for us. Addicts pass out in bus shelters and the best O’Brien has to offer is a “safe space” for them to shoot up. Tent camps and RVs are expanding. Property crime is skyrocketing. In a word, everything’s getting worse, and Mike O’Brien isn’t making anything better.


It’s time for Mike O’Brien to go. We can DO this. We WILL do this.



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