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Take Our Tunnel . . . PLEASE!

“The world’s biggest tunnel-boring machine, nicknamed Bertha — which hit a pipe and was damaged in mid-December after only 1,000 feet of excavation — is down there in the dark, awaiting what may well be the world’s biggest industrial rescue … Continue reading

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Death in a Homeless Camp

Originally published on October 14, 2014 Background: Tent City 4 is a large homeless encampment managed by a group known as the Seattle Housing And Resource Effort (SHARE). SHARE is a registered 501(c)3 charity that solicits funds from government and … Continue reading

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Occupy Movement Stretches, Breaks Envelope

This is a story from my own neighborhood of West Seattle. Several years ago a local unemployed veteran named Byron Barton borrowed some $650K on his house (more than it was worth) and then had himself a stroke. Between him … Continue reading

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Rats! ~ How the Health Department threw their work (and your money) down a hole.

The documents below tell the story of how one government agency in Washington State, the Seattle King County Department of Public Health, failed to do its job and serve the public interest. Of course, government failures happen all the time. … Continue reading

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The Schizophrenic Times: SHARE in the News

Three recent articles on SHARE’s Tent City 4 from the Seattle Times: Wednesday, Jan. 15, 2014 ~ Sammamish OKs moratorium on homeless camps This article is supposed to be about the City of Sammamish’s decision to impose a moratorium on tent … Continue reading

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Homeless, Inc. ~ Catholic Community Services

This page contains a discussion of a specific low-income housing provider business in Seattle. For the main page and introduction to this topic, see here: Homeless, Inc. Catholic Community Services of Western Washington Total Seattle HSD Budget for 2013: $1,513,453 … Continue reading

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The Village Quixotic (or: How to avoid headaches by thinking with your tear ducts)

Some astute TBQ readers have been linking me stuff about Olympia’s new Nickelsville knock-off, a joint called “Quixote Village.” Here’s an extract from the 12/31/13 edition of the Olympian newspaper: The residents of Camp Quixote are no longer vagabonds. They … Continue reading

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My Little Socialist: Kshama Sawant

Seattle Councilmember-elect Kshama Sawant is all over the Interblogz these days, and not just for being a nerdy young Woman of Color who beat out a stodgy Old White Man. That would have been news enough, but on top of … Continue reading

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Independent Media: Why it matters.

In a recent issue of the New York Times, I saw no fewer than three stories that illustrate problems with corporate media. And when I say corporate media, I mean any media source that depends on: Ad revenue Stockholder/owner approval … Continue reading

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