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This lady’s been chillin’ at the intersection of Highland Park Way SW and West Marginal Way SW in Seattle:

It’s right where Nickelsville used to be. A world-class destination for panhandlers:

Would you like to know what her sign says? –Of course you would!

Mom and newborn baby. Please help.

Hm. Wonder who’s taking care of the kid while Mom is “working.”

* * * * *

Last summer, this same gal was hanging out at the Hwy 518 ramp on ramp going to the airport:

That time her sign read “Mom and Twins.”

Wow. She’s a regular baby factory, huh? Forever barefoot and pregnant . . .

The 518 ramp is also a destination for local panhandlers. They’ve got such a good thing going there they can work it in shifts. After one shift is over a sponger will often stash his/her sign where the person coming on the next shift can retrieve it. Call it professional courtesy.

* * * * *

Pulling up to this lady last summer, my friend rolled down her car window and hollered: “No handouts, but I’ll pay for the abortion!” A universal gesture was the only reply.

Would you really have done that? I said.

Damn straight! she said. I’ve already paid for two.

I thought Obamacare was going to cover that, but it turns out they’re really sticklers when it comes to abortion. The rules say you’ve actually gotta be pregnant to get one.


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