White Center: More bars in more places

See this place? Papa’s.

Papa’s was raided by the Feds for weapons narcotics and shut down over two years ago. But Google doesn’t update its “street view” photos very often, so Papa’s is still there on the street view map, bold as you please. Check it out. [Click]

Since Papa’s closed, another joint came in there. It was called Meander’s Kitchen. Meanders didn’t pull down the Papa’s sign; they just put their own sign on top of it.

Then Meander’s moved on and hauled their sign off with them, and now the Papa’s sign is back, and everything is right with Google’s world once more. And yet somehow, something is still not OK . . .

* * * * *

See that lady out front?


She’s been fucking standing there in that exact same spot for two years. Every day at 8:00 AM, rain or shine, she’s out there, smoking her ciggie, waiting for Papa’s to reopen.

Ya really gotta admire that kind of brand loyalty.

Especially in a drunk.

* * * * *

White Center, Washington: My town.

A sonnet upon it.

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  1. Rats In A Cage says:

    Brand loyalty in a drunk. LOL.

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