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I shouldn’t be promoting these guys, but you know . . .  there’s nothing like the smell of fresh bullshit in the morning.

Shmeal Change to City: Keep your religion, we prefer our handouts with NSA

I wouldn’t mind if UGM had an established, parallel, secular organization to administer such projects. But it doesn’t. Every single one of its programs integrates Bible studies. In all its projects UGM has imposed religious views and expectations upon participants. The city has no business handing $500,000 to such a religious organization to administer any official program. Ever.

Thanks for that, Dr. Wes. And you’re right. The City probably shouldn’t be handing out our money to make people go to Bible study classes. But you know what else they shouldn’t be handing out money for?

♣ Groups that throw people out of shelters for calling the cops on sex offenders.

♣ Or groups that kick people out into the cold for refusing to give them swag.

♣ Or groups that don’t know the difference between a 501(c)3 and a piggy bank.

In other words, the City shouldn’t be handing out money to groups like SHARE.


On the other hand, with SHARE, at least they don’t make you read the Bible . . .

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  1. Jiggers says:

    As some of you know, I was homeless for three years here. I tried UGM for a week. I still have my bright yellow identification card(UGM issued to me)to remind me what a low fucking point it was in my life. It was very degrading to me that I had to find a matt to sleep on to recollect my thoughts and my sanity. Cut to the chase, I have never been arrested, nor have I ever done hard drugs in my life. I drink sociably at bars and that’s where it stays. I don’t even drink that much anymore. Maybe twice a month now. Mostly wine. Drinking prices have gone through the roof, plus, my health condition’s I shouldn’t be drinking anyways but wtf. There isn’t a cure for my disease, so, I’m going to have fun when I want to. Back to the religion tingy. I lie somewhere between being agnostic and an atheist. I find religion to be all hypocritical and full of shit. There are three thousand man made religions on this planet alone trying to brainwash your mind. I left a glimmer of hope though that there is a real God, but don’t try and pull the wool over my eyes with your non-sense. Going through UGM’s processing, I was accepted in and was told I had to sit through an hour of preaching before they give you a matt for the night. That included dinner which I wouldn’t eat. The food looked exactly like what they would serve a pig in a trough. After long days of being outdoors all day long killing time, all you want to do his hit the matt and fall asleep. But it’s their rules and you have to play by them. I’m sure you religious wacko’s love this. Prosthelytizing those who are desperate. I was told they don’t give you a preaching lesson anymore(cough,cough) okay.. really? So, if you’re lucky enough to get a matt for the night, you can get back in time and crash? When I was staying there, you had everything from sex offenders,drug addicts, drug dealers, mentally ill, people running from the law, dope smokers, bed bugs.. you know the type of trogladytes. I couldn’t believe I was actually there. If UGM if still forcing you to sit through an hour of prosthelytizing, that has to be disregarding your rights of some sort. Sure you can accept it or not, you make your choice. I find it bullshit!!

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