Lisa Herbold ♥’s Scott Morrow

Look everyone! It’s Lisa Herbold! On faKebook.

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You know Lisa Herbold, right? Assistant to Scott Mor- . . . er . . . I mean . . .
assistant to Nick Licata.

No no no! Not that Nick Licata . . .

This Nick Licata.

So what do we know about Lisa Herbold from her faKebook page? A lot of things, actually.

We know that Lisa ♥’s Scott Morrow, and vice versa.

We know that Lisa ♥’s Peggy Hotes

And Lisa ♥’s Nickelsville

And Lisa ♥’s SHARE

They ♥ Lisa back, too. And why wouldn’t they? She’s helping them all get some more money. That’s what she’s doing at this auction, sitting with the Nickelsville table who uh . . . just received a “heroes award” . . . and a bunch more money.

You all remember Nickelsville, right? No? Here. Maybe this will refresh you.

Or this.

By some weird coincidence (totally bizarre) Lisa Herbold happens to be the Seattle City Council’s go-to gal on Nickelsville and other concentra- er. . . I mean homeless camps run by SHARE. That means that whenever someone complains to the City Council about Nickelsville, or SHARE, or SHARE boss Scott Morrow, that complaint goes straight to the desk of . . . Lisa Herbold.

Well that’s good, right? Because after all, Lisa ♥’s Scott Morrow!

Mmmm . . . no. Maybe not so good.

I kinda wonder if it’s good idea to let people in government who ♥ certain people in the private sector deal with official complaints against the people they ♥.

It’s like if someone complained to the government about the Monsanto Corporation for example but the Secretary of Agriculture who takes the complaint ♥’s Monsanto because he used to work for Monsanto and maybe he wants to work for Monsanto again and he’s still got stock in Monsanto so maybe he’s not going to do anything about the complaint and maybe he’s gonna tell Monsanto all about the details or maybe he’s even gonna help Monsanto defend itself against the complaint which if it went through might hurt his Monsanto stock value or his future position with the Monsanto company if you know what I mean . . .

(Well, do ya, punk?)

Or it’s like when a lady gets beat up by her boyfriend, and then she complains to the boyfriend’s sister about it. Well, the sister ♥’s her brother, naturally, but does she also ♥ the brother’s girlfriend? –Not so much . . .  So the sister tells her brother that his girlfriend is complaining about him, and then next thing you know . . .

Well, you already know what’s the next thing you know, dontcha?

So who else does Lisa Herbold ♥?

She ♥’s LIHI, obviously, or she wouldn’t be shilling for them at their auction.

You all remember LIHI, right? Low Income Housing Institute? That’s the extremely wealthy and powerful housing non-profit that was co-founded by Scott Morrow back in 1991. Why, just look at their 990 form. Look how much they got! Look at how much their execs make. It’s no wonder their ED Sharon Lee contributes to political campaigns around town, is it? God knows she can afford it. She probably doesn’t live anywhere NEAR the Nickelsville concentra– . . . whatever.

No matter. Lisa Herbold ♥’s them anyway.

There’s so much love goin’ around here, it’s crazy. It’s like a fuckin’ commune. They should call themselves the Homeless Inc. Rainbow Love Israel Family, or something.

So Lisa Herbold ♥’s LIHI and LIHI ♥’s Scott Morrow and Scott Morrow owns SHARE and SHARE owns Nickelsville.

And LIHI ♥’s Nickelsville, too. Indeed they do. They ♥ Nickelsville so much that when the City evicted Nickelsville from Highland Park, LIHI let SHARE bring their little concentration ca- . . . er . . . I mean homeless camp onto some LIHI property downtown. And LIHI even let them bring children there too. Wasn’t that nice of them?

And LIHI ♥’s SHARE, too. LIHI received more than a hundred thousand dollars of City money in the winter of 2012 to pay to SHARE for emergency shelter, but when I asked   LIHI to show me some receipts for that money, they refused.

Guess LIHI doesn’t ♥ me.  🙁  But I regress . . .

Let’s see here . . . Who else does Lisa Herbold ♥?

Lisa Herbold ♥’s Dominic Holden. And vice versa.

(Yoo-hoo! Hi Dominic, sweetie!)

Dominic works for a Seattle newsweekly called the Stranger. You remember The Stranger, don’t you? Surely you do. (Oh gawd. Wasn’t it awful!)

The Stranger is supposed to be reporting on things like government fraud and corruption. But that stuff can wait, because Dominic has been busy writing stories about “The Smartest People in Seattle Politics.” And guess who one of the smartest people is, according to Dominic.

Oh! You’re never gonna guess . . .

[Read the whole Strange(r) story here.]

Can’t you feel the ♥? Don’t stories like this make you wish you were one of the smartest people in politics, too? Just like Lisa Herbold? And Scott Morrow? And Dominic Holden?

“Virtually anything progressive passed in our city has Herbold’s fingerprints on it.”

Yes. I’m sure that’s true, Dom. But I can tell you about some other things that have Lisa Herbold’s fingerprints on them, too. And I will tell you about those things, in good time.

And when you hear them, you’ll be like: Ew! That’s not progressive!

And I’ll be like: I know, I know. But what can you say? People do crazy things when they’re in love.


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15 Responses to Lisa Herbold ♥’s Scott Morrow

  1. Rats In A Cage says:

    Smells like a conflict of interest.

  2. ittybitty says:

    smells like shit to me. talk about fucked up

    damn good investigating. David

    Damn impressive and quite damn scary

    sadly i am pretty sure things will NOT change with new mayor

  3. Rats In A Cage says:

    I love that Paul Crane posted that comment about $178K. LOL

  4. Livin Large says:

    A serious investigation needs to be done in relation to where these supposed funds go to WHEEL and SHARE. It looks like some kind of scam is being perpetrated.

  5. JohnnyB says:

    So what specifically has SHARE/WHEEL done that is illegal or unethical?

    The truth is Seattle/King County has a serious homeless problem. THOUSANDS of people live on the street. What is King County and The City of Seattle doing about this problem? The City and The County like to think the answer is HOUSING. The only people that can get into any kind of low income housing are individuals with either a mental illness or physical disability. Those are Individuals who will be dependent on the government FOREVER.. These are Individuals whom will never work again in their lives. What is King County and or Seattle doing for individuals out of work and out of housing who are trying to get work and NEED housing???


    Their only answer is SHARE or Bread of Life or Union Gospel Mission. HOW DO YOU GET a JOB when you have no HOME????? How do you get a HOME with out a JOB??????

    Given a choice between Union Gospel Mission and SHARE most individuals whom are trying to right their lives will choose SHARE over Union Gospel mission or DESC. Have you seen the disgrace that is DESC??? Seattle gives DESC how many millions of dollars each year to enable the suffering of the homeless left to that God Awful place? Ever go into DESC and compare it to a SHARE shelter??

    So Again rather than attacking an organization that is trying to help a class of people the City and County could care less about, why don’t you try to answer the fundamental question about how to solve the problem of homelessness for ALL People with out a home. Some need only temporary help and SHARE is the only help they can get…

  6. JohnnyB says:

    OK How about this.

    The city of Seattle and King County both will ONLY help those whom they know will be perpetually dependent on government services. The city and the county will offer no help to anyone whom only needs temporary housing to return to work.

    If you lost your home and your job and your desperately trying to return to work so that you can return to a normal life the city of Seattle and King County will refuse to offer any assistance for temporary housing.

    Why does the City and King County only offer to help people whom will never be able to work again in their life? The City and King County believe the answer to homelessness is Housing. NO NO NO NO…….

    How does giving a homeless person a house solve homelessness??? IT DOESNT
    The only answer is for a homeless person to get a job, save money, participate in society and rent an apartment or purchase a home.. But Seattle will only help people whom are mentally or physically disabled and will never be able to work again in thier life, afford an apartment or contribute to society. HOW DOES THAT SOLVE HOMELESSNESS????????

    There are 5 reasons for homelessness.
    1. Mental Disability
    2.Physical Disability
    4.Calling living in a shelter alternative housing, lifestyle choice, just LAZY
    5.Circumstance, (i.e. lost a job, couldn’t afford rent, got evicted, etc.)
    or a combination thereof.

    Individuals whom struggle with addiction can get into recovery and return to a successful, fulfilling life, but living on the street makes that very difficult.


    COMPLAIN about SHARE…..
    Good for you. Great journalism.

  7. JohnnyB says:

    My last sentence was sarcasm.

  8. DBP says:

    You make some good points here, Johnny. In my private life, I do other things with the homeless issue than complaining about SHARE. But right now, as far as this blog is concerned, SHARE is the priority, because the SHARE organization, and specifically one person within that organization, is preventing us from moving forward with alternative solutions. In its official publications, SHARE talks about all the wonderful things it’s doing for homeless people, but when you go to them and say: OK, how many people have you gotten into housing? –they’ll tell you to mind your own business, and it’s a matter of privacy.

    And that’s no surprise, because getting people into housing isn’t what SHARE is about anyway. What they’re about is getting a lot of attention for themselves, because along with attention comes money.

  9. JohnnyB says:

    You are correct SHARE keeps no records and really does not care about getting any of its participants into housing. That however is not the mission of SHARE. SHARE is an emergency shelter provider that offers and individual a safe, dry place to get off the street so that the participant, individual, can make the best choices possible for where they want their life to go. There are thousands of individuals sleeping on the street because there is not enough shelter beds or affordable housing opportunities in Seattle. SHARE offers the tax payer the most cost effective way to get people off the street.

    Im not sure what you are suggesting should be done to help get the almost 5000 homeless individuals, sleeping on the street, sheltered. SHARE is not a solution in and of its self. The truth is there is no one definitive answer to solving the homeless problem. Solving homelessness is going to take a myriad of organisations with a variety of philosophies and mission statements to create a lasting and effective solution to this problem.

    I firmly believe the true answer to ending homelessness is permanent gainful employment, coupled with affordable housing. Seattle needs more self managed, transitional housing programs that would last two years, assist in getting employment, then saving money so that after the two year program the participant would have their first month’s rent and the deposit.

    More importantly the self managed transitional housing program would foster an intimate appreciation for responsibility build in the individual a foundation for a successful and fulfilling life off the streets and away from the shelter environment. SHARE has taught me the power the self managed shelter model has in its inherent nature. Sadly, SHARE has never focused on the life skill building nature that is the hallmark of the self managed shelter model.

    Again SHARE isnt about transforming lives, as I have always advocated. SHARE is about getting individuals off of the street. SHARE does that at a cost that is close to $5.00 per individual per night, compared to the $24.00 to $36.00 per individual per night at Union gospel mission, bread of life, Lutheran compass center or salvation army. Of course those places have wrap around services and the taxpayer pays for them.

    So again its going to take a host of ideas from many quarters to solve this problem of homelessness. SHARE is one of those pieces of the puzzle.

  10. JohnnyB says:

    Think about this. In spite of all the money given to those shelter programs with wrap around services and housing opportunities, the number of homeless individuals in King County keeps increasing. Obviously the path Seattle has taken is not solving the problem. Maybe wrap around services, The City of Seattle, and King County’s current homelessness policy is actually creating more homeless.

    If Jails worked, we wouldn’t be building more, we would be tearing them down. Our current jails dont work and neither is our current homeless intervention/prevention programs.

  11. JohnnyB says:

    No im not a SHARE advocate or a Scott Morrow PR person. I believe there is an answer in the self managed shelter model if its utilized properly.

    Ever heard of Recovery Cafe? Many homeless individuals need to recover from homelessness. Self Managed transitional housing as I envision it should form an effective, lasting solution.

    Regardless of what you or I think of SHARE, I firmly believe in self management.

  12. JohnnyB says:

    Ok I have thrown out numerous ideas, so let me digest this. First of all, giving an individual subsidized housing for the rest of their life, in my opinion doesnt solve the homeless problem. It has only made an individual addicted to government handouts.

    give a man a fish and he will always need you to give him his daily bread.

    Of course there are some individuals who will never be able to work again in their life and they could never possibly be responsible enough to pay their rent on time every month. Those are individuals with mental and physical disabilities.

    I am more concerned with those who are homeless for what ever reason and do not fit into the mental or physical disability category.

    Getting people, for ever dependent, on government handouts is not the solution to ending homelessness. The only thing that will create is more homeless and the need for ever increasing amounts of taxpayer money to fund more government bureaucracy to waste more tax payer money.

    There is a $290 million Housing Levy on November’s ballot. This money will be used for the purchase of property and apartment buildings so that units can be rented out at AFFORDABLE rates. What is AFFORDABLE?????

    I suggest $1.00 to $1.25 per square foot is affordable. But even with affordable housing options, individuals who are used to sleeping on the street and in shelters can will not be able to go from the street into affordable housing.

    This is why I suggest Self Managed transitional housing that focuses on employment, saving money and supporting each other so that the homeless can be successful off of the street and out of the shelter environment.

    Surely that makes sense….

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